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A Scorpio is fully invested in their partner, the experience of love, and the good and bad sensations that accompany a romance. A chart-dominant Scorpio often sees love in black and white, can become obsessive, and can commit every intimate moment to examining the memory. They might even go so far as to record their experience in a book or in song. This is why many Scorpios are associated with poetry, literature, music, and arts.

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It's cathartic for them to expose and explore the depths and extremes of their emotionally intense, erotic, and sometimes dark romantic behavior through a creative art form. A sign that experiences love so deeply also feels betrayal every bit as deeply. Scorpios are jealous, sometimes horribly so.

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After all, every emotion they feel is enhanced by their fixed and water-driven nature. Jealousy is no different.

The jealousy of a Scorpio can lead to acts of vengeance and a completely unforgiving nature. Once spurned, a Scorpio feels emptied and ruined.

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They lack the solidity of the earth signs , the rationality of the air signs , and the optimism of the fire signs. Chart-dominant Scorpios are ruled by their emotions and will react from depths of their emotional extremes.

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Any love relationship with a Scorpio is bound to be complicated and an exercise in extremes. They can be moody for no apparent reason and are known for their possessiveness and jealousy, but if they're seriously committed to a relationship, they are responsible and will always remain stable and true through any relationship highs and lows. Scorpios are extremely dependable, protective, loyal, and faithful, and even more so if they receive the same from their partner.

A Scorpio is either all in or all out, and it's more likely than not they'll simply burn the relationship bridge if they're unsatisfied rather than cheat on their partner. Scorpios in love want to experience the extremes of love, its highs and lows, and the total emotional and physical experience, and this causes them to behave in some mysterious ways.


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Perhaps their most mysterious behavior is that if the relationship has gotten too calm, comfortable, and loving, they will behave in ways that stir up trouble. Scorpio swings between extremes of behavior. Likewise, due to the fixed quality of these extremes, their behavior can be overwhelming. However, you don't have to have a Scorpio Sun to behave like a Scorpio.

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