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Features of Bhrigu Patrika Kundali Bhrigu Patrika is a complete horoscope reading of astrology taking into special account the principles of Bhrigu Samhita. Bhrigu Patrika also incorporates the readings of Numerology to enhance the ambit of predictions. It contains 20 Years Transit Predictions that includes Yearly predictions on the basis of the transit of planets for each year.

Apart from having the benefits of a Numerology reading, this report also uses the principles of Lal Kitab to make incredibly accurate life predictions by date of birth and other details. This gets you covered from bad and good, both karmas.

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Bhrigu Patrika also provides you with multiple remedies as per your astrology birth chart, such as Gemstones, Rudraksha, Mantra, Items for Donation etc. Benefits of Bhrigu Patrika Kundli It provides impeccably accurate predictions on a number of crucial aspects that shape up the overall nature of the life of the native.

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It makes one aware of what the stars have in store for them and thereby helps them take the right steps at the exact time, so as to avert any harm coming their way. This minimizes the risk profile and maximizes the chances of gains. It reveals your true nature and the favourable lines of a career that go hand in hand with your destiny, providing you with consistent growth opportunities.

As far as Finances are concerned, the timely predictions that one gets to know all come in handy in the future times. This helps in making investments that would prove to be fruitful in the times to come, especially when it comes to property or real estate. Person Details. Date of Birth.

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Place of Birth. When any planet,benefic or malefic in transit aspects or conjuncts the Bhrigu Bindu,positive or negative results are to be expected respectively. Conjunctions over this point are more effective than those by aspect. Jupiter while transiting over Bhrigu Bindu results in progress in studies,obtaining employment,marraige,child birth,profits and expansion in business, pilgrimage, recovery from sickness and fulfillment of long cherished desires.

Fast moving benefic planets like Mercury,Venus transiting over the Brigu Bindu result in meetings with relations after long time,small gains of wealth,short pilgrimages, festivities and enjoyments with relatives and the like.

Bite by snakes or venomous insects, mental suffering, trouble from government authorities like Income tax and enforcement department etc,theft of valuables, harassment, degradation or termination in service,family troubles, misunderstandings with wife or husband.

Maximum impact would be at the time immediately after the planet crosses over the Point. Destiny Point. Bhrigu Bindu — The Destiny Point. Bhrigu Bindu and Timing of Events. Few astrologer take trine from Bhrigu Bindu too as sensitive points for certain destined results. So will such Saturn give favourable or unfavourable results?

Perhaps astrologers need to arrive at their conclusion for above. Request astrologers to share their experience with BB.

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Bhrigu bindu in kendra quadrant houses 1,4,7,10 indicates early success in life with less efforts. Bhrigu bindu in Trikone trinal house indicates huge amount of luck, B. Bhrigu bindu in dusthana houses 6,8,12 indicates Late success with huge amount of efforts in life. B in 1st house indicates luck after self efforts. B in 4th house says luck is linked with home, mother, property, vehicle, education. B in 5th house tells luck via creativity, intelligence, practice, learning, Astrology, mathematics, govt. B in 6th house come with efforts, Hardwork, job, day to day activities,service legal profession, servants, relative of maternal side, court, litigation and medical.

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B in 8th house indicates Hard luck with extreme efforts,insurance, industry, politics, stress, medical, other wealth, moksha, unearned money occult, astrology, dowry. B in 9th house having luck through higher learning, teaching, preaching, spirituality, dharma, politics, law, justice,long travelling, destiny, elderly figure. B in 10th house says luck via Job, fame, politics Govt.

B in 11th house indicates luck with Friends circle, hopes and wishes, desires, money, earning, elder sibling, internet, science, space, technology, industry. B in 12th indicates luck through MNcs, foreign, isolation, moksha, serving others, donations. Whenever we are going through mahadasha or antardasha of the lord of the sign in which bhrigu bindu falls it activates. Transit of slow moving planet which are Rahu, ketu, Saturn, Jupiter over bhrigu bindu.

When Rahu transit over bhrigu bindu or aspect bhrigu bindu person have huge pending prarabdh karma vis a vis the house it transits person can feel huge transformation and changed in this span of time. When Saturn transit over Bhrigu bindu or aspect person feel responsible to his duty towards life and gradually person start feeling his responsibilities and adding kriyamana karma to his life. Ketu transit over B. B, person feel detached and go into isolation, face illusion and spirituality, kind-of detached from the world as a result person face prarabdh karma.

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Jupitar transit over B. B indicates person will receive huge amount of will power, optimism person get ability to focus on things by which person add ups kriyamana karma to his life.

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  • If Bhrigu bindu falls in ketu nakshatra ashwini, magha, moola person destiny will be less of material oriented and hard work and more of a spiritual oriented like Serving to the humanity, moksha, daan, NGOs, healing, Astrology, tantra, mantra, meditation,doctor, surgeon,spiritual leader, saint, monk. Bhrigu bindu comes under Venus nakshatra Bharini, P. Bhrigu bindu in Sun nakshatra Kritika, Uttar phalguni, U.

    Bhrigu bindu in Moon nakshatra Rohini, shravana, Hast person receives his destiny through skills, business, acting, creativity, hobbies, mother, arts, singing, navy, grocery, liquid, rice, General departmental store,cloths, hotel,silver,sailor. Bhrigu bindu in Mars nakshatra Mrigashirsha, Chitra, Dhanishtha person will have fate through Engineering, defense, service, fire, construction, electrical engg.