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I have been in 18 as Chamber director and have seen all He said the parade was as cold as he can remember for an outdoor event. I had sleet all over my bass fiddle; but, back in , it was like Florida.

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Obviously, I prefer the Florida ones. We had a perfect one this year because there was just enough chill in the air to feel like Christmas, but it was dry. Keith said the parade is never allowed to proceed during dangerous weather, but cold weather is to be expected. Everybody is busier than ever before; but, if we can make it happen on the night it is supposed to, we try to do that, he said. Some families schedule vacation trips around the holidays, cutting back on boredom time for kids who are either out skiing or meeting hunky ski instructors and cute snow bunnies.

Which calls into question the whole Christmas ski vacation gig. According to the universal website Wikipedia, Christmas holiday breaks are not a tradition worldwide. They normally last for about weeks. However, the Christmas holiday in Europe is shorter, sometimes 2 weeks or slightly less. In Russia, there is still absolutely no mention of Christmas in the winter calendar.

Classes dismissed for the holidays on Dec. Day 5 Deck the house Page 4 of 8 — Clark Griswold set the gold standard for exterior Christmas illumination in the classic Christmas Vacation. Two hundred and fifty strands with lights each, for a total of 25, lights, Griswold famously, and fatefully, declared in that film.

But, you can have exterior holiday splendor brought to your door, literally, from Christmas Decor, an online full-service holiday lighting and decorating outfit that provides custom installation, take down and storage. The company customizes lighting schemes, completes installation without homeowner presence required and takes down lights on a pre-set schedule. And, prelit Christmas trees remain available at reasonable prices, which will become ridiculously more reasonable after Christmas.

Wal-Mart online offers a variety of trees from the 2. Day 6 Letters to Santa The U. Postal Service says that it expects to handle Choose between receiving alerts for all activity or just for delivery status, the USPS says online. The Postal Service will also provide delivery instructions for route carriers if the recipient will not be home to accept a package, according to its website. The International Council of Shopping Centers notes that the extended holiday shopping season this year stretched Black Friday thin.

And, according to the National Retail Federation, total projected sales were down 11 percent for that weekend; but, NRF expects total holiday sales to increase by 4.

Basically, everyone waited until after Black Friday to start hitting the malls in earnest. So, when did Christmas shopping ever make sense? Ensure your vehicle is properly maintained.

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If maintenance is not up to date, have your car and tires inspected before you take a long drive, AAA recommends. Also: —Keep valuables in the car trunk in case of a breakdown.

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Uncle Edgar may not really be grouchy as much as tired from a long trip. When are you two going to get married and start a family? Does this needs explaining? Which can lead to stupid questions like When are you two going to get married….?

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Online shopping with overnight delivery has become a staple of the time-challenged shopper. With online sales already up 32 percent on Thanksgiving Day, according to ComScore, and Target stores reporting digital sales up 40 percent over last year, your e-thingy or i-whatever is now a potent weapon in the battle. Simply type in online christmas shopping, and all sorts of websites pop up, including such notables the QVC shopping channel, Target, Home Shopping Network, Belk stores, as well as news items about the dangers of online shopping.

Buyer beware. Day 10 Figgy pudding? Page 7 of 8 — But, if getting there is half the fun in traveling, putting all of the Christmas goodies on the table can be a looong trip. Ready to serve products such as HoneyBaked Hams are available online, and offer delivery from 13 locations in Arkansas, including Hot Springs. But, for the traditionalist, turkey and dressing or stuffing is the main event. Dressing or stuffing? According to the Butterball online site, dressing is cooked separately from the preparation of the turkey; while stuffing is cooked inside the bird.

If you call it dressing, odds are you cook it separately from the turkey; and you live in the southern region of the United States, the site explains. Results of a survey conducted by the company show that families in Arkansas and Louisiana prefer stuffing, while families in Texas and Oklahoma prefer dressing; marking a 52 47 percent difference in the region.

Day 11 Twas the night before… While adults may not think so, the Christmas holidays are rough on kids; they have to behave or the big guy will find out. So, what to do with fidgety kids? The holidays can throw a big wrench into household routines, and that can play a role in anxiety in children, Lee says.


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To minimize holiday stress in your kids, try to get routines back on track once an event or party is over. Lee also recommends keeping the routine in mind when taking kids to events or shopping. If a child is hungry or tired, he or she is going to be grumpy.

Have a regular meal, or at least snacks, beforehand, Lee offers. We need to get better at being around for second chances. The smaller Herrera used his fast hands to catch the taller Bondole several times in the middleweight bout. Join a quit-smoking program. Although we managed to pare down his collections and recycle a few items, Anna still made off with enough porcelain figurines to start her own collection.

The relay time was the 12th-fastest all-conditions indoor time and just the 14th sub mark in collegiate history. Steve Taylor, 36, and Oak Creek Ald. Kenneth A. The district includes Hales Corners and part of Oak Creek. We have to have a recovery plan and protected habitat.

The alleged behavior runs counter to everything for which the Boy Scouts of America stands. As leaders in the Boy Scouts, our thoughts go out to the victims and their families during this difficult time. Currently we are not aware of any the alleged abuses by Alvarado taking place as part of the Scouting program or with any Scouts. All families in the Scouting programs with which Alvarado was associated are being contacted and encouraged to come forward with any information they may have.

The two-deep leadership requirement of the mandatory Youth Protection program of the Boy Scouts prohibits any adult from one on one contact with a child who is not their own. We are confident that the programs in which Alvarado was involved maintained these policies. And even if they did not, he said the Arizona Constitution allows the Legislature to enact its own rules.

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Growing concerns over slackening domestic growth and weak stock markets in India have also hurt the rupee, which began hitting lifetime lows on Monday for the first time in a year. E-mail: Blog: Twitter: andrewsross. Kuwait and Saudi Arabia have flair aplenty and T20 cricket suits them best of all the formats, Maldives and Oman have talent, discipline and desire and can beat anybody on their day, Singapore have depth, class and ability and have come close many times at over level to push for a place in the world cricket league before just falling back.

Ukraine would become afederal anddemocratic state inexchange forkeeping Kiev [out ofrebel hands], he wrote via Facebook.

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We were all racists. Do you have any ideas for generating some passive income? If you wrote a book and got royalties from the sales, some people would call that passive income. Technically, the government would call it passive income. Active income usually takes the form of a small business idea or your career. Some people may have a different view on it, but I like to keep things simple. Barbara Dear Barbara,I think you should look at a couple of things.

You might keep the deductible a little high to save on premiums and then, if something unexpected happens, you can cover the out-of-pocket expense with your emergency fund. You can, but then you have to look at the other side of the coin. Follow Dave on Twitter at DaveRamsey and on the web at daveramsey. Shop museum stores: From books to jewelry to one-of-a-kind art and crafts, unusual decor and gift items aplenty are to be found in museum shops and many times shopping is tax free. New project architecture is deliberately modern andsocial.

Offices are much more efficient places towork formost jobs, andthe best retail centers are much more efficient spaces toshop andsell, where customers can look, touch andtry. Otherwise, there is no logic tothe discounts that every online retailer has tooffer.

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E-commerce platforms have more choice, better comparison, free delivery, andeven cash ondelivery, andstill have tooffer acheaper price just tocompete. E-commerce is first built onlosses, andthen thin margins, compared with themuch higher margins ofphysical retailers. If you were a betting man, the smart money was that Arizona would jump on the young Sun Devil guards and play with a mean streak. Health and education inched forward, but the presence of business services, legal, financial and social services all declined in the past three quarters.

People in oil-rich Qatar own it. Should we therefore expect to see Islamic viewpoints creep into the news reports? AJA has about 70 bureaus throughout the globe.

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The decline of the inflation rate is largely due to sinking energy and commodity prices. In addition, adjustment processes in the crisis countries are behind the development. During the adjustment period, not only economic growth, but also price pressures will be dulled. Rapidly overcoming this phase is another reason structural reforms must be resolutely implemented.