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In ancient days, the sole purpose behind the dawn of Sri Krishna was to free the Earth from the grasp of demons and immorality. He was born in the custody of his maternal uncle Kansa who was the emperor of Vrishni capital of Mathura. Kansa was a brutal king and in a prediction, it was stated that the child of his own sister Devaki would kill him and free the earth from his clutch.

Krishna (b. July 21, 3228 BC)

Lord Kanha was born in the jail of Kansa. Lord Krishna grew up in Gokul under the roof of Nanda and Yashoda. His childhood blossomed away from the violence of his uncle. His childhood was a paradise of cows and ecstasy. Lord Krishna has uncountable names among which Kanha is the most popular and loved.

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  4. In no time little Krishna became a source of radiance and joy for the people. Sri Krishna and his mischievous nature are the most vital of Hindu folklore. As time continues, baby Krishna turns out to be the naughtiest and the most loving child of entire Gokul. When Lord Krishna was an infant Kansa sends his evil demon Putana.

    A Tale Of Two Trees | Jai Guru Dev

    After slaughtering many children across her way to Gokul she gets to know about miraculous boy Krishna. She tries to poison little Krishna by feeding him poisonous milk.

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    8. However, the infant god sucked the life out of her and killed her. When little Krishna was playing with his friends their ball fell in the river where a hundred and ten-headed serpent lived with his family. Krishna dives in the water to retrieve the ball and tells Kaliya to stop poisoning the river. When the serpent refuses out of hatred, Lord Krishna assumes the weight of the entire universe and dances on his head.

      Therefore, the naga realizes that he is not overpowered by an ordinary boy from the village. Further, he begs for his apology and promises to never return. Lord Krishna was born to free the people of Mathura from the evilness of King Kansa.

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      When Krishna grew up to be compatible with fighting King Kansa, he finally killed him and freed people from his evilness. Janmashtami is a festival that people celebrate across the globe in many different ways. On this day, all over India people chant devotional songs and dance.

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      The grand pooja is held and arti is bestowed to Lord Krishna with candles and lamps. Then our institute started research on the subject that if there is difference in the results for twins because there is a difference of 2- 3 or more minutes then how will there be difference between children born at same time and same place?

      In this connection our view is that the difference will be of family background. Like when in the same hospital a child of a minister is born and another child of a king is born then the child of the minister will be brought up in the manner which suits well ministers and the son of a king will be brought up in the manner which suits a king. The son of a minister will be taught the intricacies of mental fight whereas the son of a king will b taught the war of weapons and if both have excellent rajayogas in their horoscopes then the son of a minister will become a minister and the son of a king will become a king.

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      Maharatri is the chaturdashi of the dark half of phalguna, which is known as maha shivratri. Moharatri is taken as the ashtami of the dark half of Bhadrapada. In Shrimad Bhagwat purana and other such scriptures it has been stated that as soon as the Mahamaya Adishakti was born from Mother Yashoda, Lord Krishna was also born in the home of Vasudeva when the family of Nandraya and the guards of King Kamsa were entranced by the Powers of Maya. At present the 28th Dwapar Yuga in the Vaivasvata Manvantara is going on.

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