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The cards tell the tale in their own way and I do my best to translate. Youthful voters seem to be comfortable with her mission. The quint card is Judgement.

Whether it means she is moving up or moving out, she is most certainly going somewhere. Ace of Wands reversed. Financial markets are also maintaining a rather nervous reservation of judgment. King of Cups reversed. Ace of Pentacles reversed. Network media believe she has too many liabilities to be a contender.

She will probably lose her way before long, especially if she forfeits their indulgence and advocacy. The Quint card is the Emperor. The Grand Quintessence is the Lovers, the same card Bernie Sanders had here, and it carries the same impression of a well-orchestrated con job as a way to lure voters onto the same page.

It has me thinking of the W. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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You are commenting using your Google account. What has been arduous, difficult and recalcitrant eventually gives way to unbridled fecundity. Thanks to S. Anderson sjanderson for doing the diligent Virgo detail work on this. These are very earthy grounding times. We are being buried alive says Fire and water signs. Time to hunker down and get the work done.

Use this Virgo gang as allies to do it all.

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Virgo inconjuncts or quincunx degrees Aquarius and Aries. You will find this amped up Virgo energy difficult to handle, like a very restrictive sucker punch coming out of nowhere.

Make sure you can duck fast enough. The Sun recently trined Uranus putting innovative practical energy into the mix. This is a face-off which forms a T-square to Jupiter in Sagittarius at the 15th strongest degrees. I see this as justice for women who were used as sex slaves by secret Plutocrats and anyone who was abused by the Church.

Saturn and Pluto are within 6 degrees of each other and will stay no more than 7 degrees apart until their monumental conjunction January 12, Times are heavy and intense. The South node is sandwiched in between, highlight the releasing of outworn models of corporate structure and Patriarchal oppression. This is a very focussed nitpicky time.

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You can get a lot done. Pay attention to your diet and health regime. You will want to eat healthier now. Get a budget, save money. Enjoy being of service. Do it now, by mid-month Venus and Mercury move into Libra. I need to focus and hunker down. I felt the other day that something big would happen-a death, to a prominent figure in the news. He tried to kill himself at the end of July too but was recently taken off a suicide watch and there were no cameras on in his cell at the time. How convenient and so obvious. No one mentioned one that I read about. Now that he will not be able to testify those people can still be brought to justice anyway as the truth outs.

The many innocent women who were in his pedophile sex slave ring will not get to see Epstein get proper justice for their wounds. They will have to do the healing on themselves anyways.


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Link to the BBC coverage of this story. Conspiracy theories started immediately that his death could not possibly be suicide. Yes, Bill was at his Orgy island 26 times. Pro democrats think Trump did it as they think he is covering up his own involvement.

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  4. Do your own research. Many people think that Epstein is alive and has been removed as witness protection or that he has been bought out somehow. Some said he had a body double all along. Noon is used for a famous person. Jeffrey Epstein Life and death astrology by Tara Greene. Epstein was an unusual quirky person.

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    He looked quite Aquarian, they are usually slim and have a lot of electrical energy. They are eccentrics. Something very important about this case will be revealed then. He got charged up by erotic energy. He was independent, defensive warrior. He was very feisty, with a huge temper and operated like a soldier in the military.

    Many people believe he was working for the Israeli Secret Service because every prominent man who came to his island was photographed. Epstein had dirt on everyone. Epstein had tons of libido and energy Ruled by Mars in Pisces which is sex addiction. This natal placement indicates sexual secrets, addictions, drugs, mental illness, narcissism, delusions of grandeur, a secret personality, a spy, master of deception, a magician.

    He was a businessman and a very wounded person. Everything was business. Someone with unusual Uranuian tastes in women and some major fuck-ups with his own mother with Uranus in Cancer and anger about women. He could seduce others. Neptune rules debt and oil, glamour and Hollywood.

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    Epstein was attracted to that glamour, wealth and fame. He was a secretive mysterious financier.